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Wonder and Wander: A Personal Atlas of San Francisco #2 is broken up into 5 sections, one for each of the five senses – sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. I write about the Lost Horizon Night Market, my favorite desserts, going up on a glass elevator in a hotel and various other things. Wonder and wander is pretty much about finding the hidden and unusual things in San Francisco.

4x7 finished size, 48 pages


Wonder and Wander #3 is all about calligraphy, signs, cafes and yoga.  there is hand lettering throughout this issue.

wonder & wander #4 is about some of my favorite things in life: pugs, fashion/personal style, desserts,
and bathhouses.

I know nothing with any certainty is a personal zine written in October 2015. I write about a lot of changes in my life, sexuality and yoga.